What is Bubbly Personality? Signs You Are Bubbly

The word bubbly means full of energy, excitement and fun. Bubbly Personality refers to the person who are cheerful, positive, friendly, lively, open emotionally, kind, sweet, love to laugh and talkative. People with this personality easily blend in with people. Very soon people get affected by them. They openly explain everything clearly and share happiness with laughter.

So many problems of life are kept aside and washed with cheerfulness and liveliness. Loves to meet and talk and make circles with other people. His dry temper is a quality that attracts people. Such people are also protected from diseases and very quickly people make a show of beautiful people around them. Because of their cheerfulness and strength, they quickly endear themselves to people and become friends with them. Due to his unique qualities, he is known as bubbly personality.

They see the life as the party place and enjoy the every moment. They tend to be optimistic and social able often making others feel uplifted and engaged with their vivacious spirit. Their warm and shiny personality draws people to them like bees to nectar. Bubbly people are usually extroverts, but introverts can become bubbly too when they’re with the right people.

Characteristics of Sparkling Personality

 Smiling and Giggling

They love to smile and spread smile around them. They make fun and enjoy. Smile all the factors around. Their classic way to kept smile in her life. Bubbly people have infectious laughter that others love to hear. That make her attractive.

 Smiling and Giggling


Sparkling people are friendly in nature. When meet her you feel a smooth zone like you know her and meet her before. They easily makes friends and meet with new peoples easily. They always love to spread friendly and lively. It is the main sign of bubbly personality.

Expressive and animated

The bubbly Personality are don’t able to stop or hold back their facial expressions. Their gesture and body language are open and reveal how happy they feel. Their open body language make them free to communicate with others.

Easily Excited

They get excited about every thing that other peoples trivial. Attracted by cute  puppy, cats and notice the beautiful and different things. They get happy to know something new such as any trip plans, social gatherings and party.

Full of energy

They are full of energy. Enjoy their life as they can. Their energy which push him to do something, smile and excitement. They have different way to see the world and enjoy it they are ready all the time to do any thing and excited.

Social able

They are social able and have a strong social network. Bubbly people attracted by other so the, have large social circle. They managed it very well as they can. They are more likely to along others.


Bubbly people are bubbling with optimistic. They always see the good things in every one and everything that is their most silent trait. Easily forgive others and forget their mistake. They are not grudges and jealous from other.

Mostly Good in mood

They maintain peerless mood most of the time. Never get upset easily and if they get they quickly turn back. They listen happy music, comedy movies, memes and funny clips to maintain their mood.


 Bubbling personality easily talk every one of they are stranger. They love to talk. Good communicator. They often first to talk speak  they are lion’s share of talking. they can speak on every topic easily and confidentially.


They love attention from others. Because it enables them to project their bubblines and win the hearts of others people. They are not seek attention but people gives him due to their positive traits and characteristics.

Prom’s and cons of Playful Personality

The pros of having a bubbly personality are obvious. Emotions are contagious and bubbly people lift the spirits of everyone around them. They’re seen as confident, optimistic, charismatic, and socially competent. They add value to the lives of people they interact with. However, the cons of having a bubbly personality are rarely discussed. So, we’re going to pay more attention to them. The cons of having a bubbly personality include:

Prom's and cons of Playful Personality

Considered immature

Due to their so traits and characteristics the people with bubbly personality considered immature like easily excited and expressive due to their that traits people consider them immature.

Non serious

Peoples enjoy the bubble personality but not they not entrusted them  with everything serious. Bubbly people taking a risk of their perception that they not take anything serious. You probably envisioned a scientist experiencing the pain of hard work and dedication, not someone happy and excited. Also, would you trust a bubbly expert over a serious expert?


Peoples thinks that they are not intelligent. Because of their talkative and immature traits. They think that bubbly personality are not intelligent and unable to do anything with seriously and maturity.

Mistaking Romantic interest

Bubbly peoples specially women. They’ll be friendly and bubbly, trying to get along with everyone. Some mistake this niceness as a sign of romantic interest. That is the bad considerations of bubbly personality.

Making Jealous

Sparkling people have a strong and large social network sites they are connected with to many people. They also get attention from others who are connected with them. Peoples get jealous from them those who want attention and social network.

Not planning and reflection

Bubbly peoples are full of energy they are excited and take a part of every project without thinking and planning. They don’t think before doing anything and jumped on it that reflect the not planning behaviour.

Being a people pleaser

Bubbly people are the source of happiness and laugh of others people. Sacrifice their own feelings and needs for others pleasure. They think about others happiness before their own self. They get decision considering other people and neglect their own self.

The dark side of bubble personality

 Bubbly personality are considered as the double personality an act . Most of the people are genuinely bubbly. Environments play a key role. They people who seen lot of pain in their life also become bubbly to heal or cover their pains.

The dark side of bubble personality

People with charisma and bubbliness have incredible powers to influence people and get people on their side. These are the people who can mobilize the masses and become revolutionaries, for better or for worse.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are likely to use bubbliness and superficial charm to manipulate others. Their bubbliness is an act they put on to exploit others. They’ll use their bubbliness strategically and show dramatic shifts in behavior.


Bubbly personality is not any disorder it is the type of personality. That are real . They spread love and happiness in others and ignoring their problem. They are attracted by other due to their friendly and lively nature.

The sparkling person are spread love and happiness in others but people consider them a comeden and joker. Actually their personality are realistic they take care of other and good communicator they bubbly people are also sensitive because they sacrifice her need for others and get hurts easily.

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